Marine crane

Marine crane machine have important parts transmission components, including spur gear,large gear,worm gear,ring gear,bevel gear,helical gear,doublehelical gear...
Main plate girder with box beam structure, speed reducer device uses all parts of the supporting wheels are rolling bearing, brake pad adds a hydraulic pusher and hydraulic brake pad brake solenoid; main transmission parts such as wheels, gears, gear shafts, etc., are preferably heat-treated steel and, as far as possible be assembled using a combination of mechanism, such as the bearing housing and the angle reducer, thus improving the accuracy of the assembly, the connection used between the drive shaft semi-formal structure tooth gear coupling and full coupling. Now the production of bridge, gantry cranes, mostly full use of box-type structure, which drives the form of drive types are more common, especially in large tonnage of bridge, gantry crane

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